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Attention Buyers!! Cash at close can be yours!

We provide a 2 part program that will reduce your home purchase price by THOUSANDS!! A typical buyer of a $300,000 property will receive a $4700 rebate. A $500,000 property buyer will receive approximately $6500 at close of escrow!! Click here to see how the program can work for YOU!

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You CAN save thousands of dollars in fees when you sell your home while getting the absolute best representation possible. Take the time to find out how you can sell your home for absolute top dollar while substantially reducing the commission and closing costs. Click here to go straight to the Seller Benefits of Real Estate Helping Hand.

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Struggling homeowners deserve a real helping hand. There are still thousands of homeowners in tough situations. Some folks are underwater on their mortgage but they can still handle the monthly payments. Some are in no equity situations unable to make their mortgage payment. Many are actually in the stressful process of foreclosure not sure if they have a chance to save their home, or position themselves properly to transition to their next residence. Real Estate Helping Hand has experts to help you if you find yourself in a tough situation. Find out your options now by clicking here.

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